Installing an SSL Certificate in WHM

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  1. Log in to your WHM control panel at http://<your_domain_name>:2086
  2. Select the SSL/TLS icon from the Main display
  3. Select the Generate SSL Certificate and Signing Request icon
  4. Complete the Create a New Cert form with accurate information
    Note: The certificate which is generated will only work for the exact domain or subdomain specified. A certificate generated for "" will not secure "" or "" - likewise, a certificate for "" will not secure "".
  5. Once you have completed all of the fields, click the Create button to display your self-generated SSL certificate, key, and signing request. This information will need to be copied to a secure location for later use.
  6. At your SSL certificate provider's website, locate instructions to complete the SSL certificate signing process (this process will vary depending upon your provider).
  7. Follow your SSL certificate provider's instructions to retrieve your signed SSL certificate.
  8. Return to your WHM control panel and select Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain from the SSL/TLS menu.
  9. Click the Browse button next to Domain on the Install A SSL Cert form.
  10. Locate the domain which your SSL certificate will be used with, then click Use Cert.
  11. Remove the contents of the first textbox on the form and replace them with the SSL certificate received from your SSL provider.
  12. If your provider sent you a CA Bundle file:
    1. Clear the contents of the last textbox on the Install A SSL Cert form.
    2. Copy the contents of the CA Bundle file and paste them into the last textbox on the Install A SSL Cert form.
  13. Click the Submit button at the top of the form to install your SSL certificate and reload the web server
  14. If you encounter any errors accessing your site over SSL - particularly errors related to an invalid certificate - contact your SSL certificate provider for specific instructions to correct the issue.

Important Notes

  • SSL certificates can be corrupted by adding characters or pressing "Enter" to create a new line. Do not alter the contents of your SSL certificate files.
  • You may re-use your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when renewing your SSL certificate. If you cannot locate your original CSR, you may generate a new CSR.
  • Store your SSL certificates and keys in a safe place. The security of information passed to your site over SSL can be compromised if anyone else has access to your SSL certificate information.

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