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A wealth of easily-accessible information

We have built our Knowledge Base on the same concept as our hosting products: powerful, accessible, and yet easy to use. The information is organized based on customer feedback and common support requests.

You can find virtually every concept related to web hosting in the Knowledge Base, from essential concepts to advanced systems administration.

Finding your answer

There are two primary means of locating answers within the Knowledge Base. If you're not sure what topic your issue would be located under, you can browse through the documents and their categories. Use the topic list at the bottom of this page. Or, you can use our search tool ( on the left) to jump directly to a specific issue.

Interacting with us

If you are unable to locate your answer in the documents, you have a few options. You can contact our support team, or you can submit feedback directly to the Knowledge Base. Each document in the Knowledge Base includes a link to a form enabling you to comment on the article. We consider each suggestion when updating and expanding our Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base Topics



cPanel / WHM VPS

Plesk VPS

Domain Registration

Life With Unix

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