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A great site to check on issues with your mail server is You can supply your domain name and run a couple of different tests to check the status of your mailserver and to see if you are on any known Spam Blacklist.

  1. Navigate to and enter your domain name in the MX Lookup field.
  2. MX Toolbox will then query your domain to find out the mailserver settings. Click Diagnostics to run a simple check on your mailserver health;
  3. The results should be similar to the ones below. You want to make sure your server responds is a decent amount of time and does not act as an open relay for spammers.
  4. Go back one page in your browser and select Blacklists to see if you have been blocked by any of the know blacklists.
  5. Now you will see the results as all of the known blacklists are queried.
  6. And of course we are not on any blacklists!

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