Migrating from a Spry cPanel 200-400 Plan to a Spry 512-8192 Plan

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New Spry VPS Hosting plans offer expanded allocations, brand-new Dell hardware, and the latest CentOS operating system templates.


Provision a new Spry VPS

  1. Log in at My.Spry.com and navigate to Services > Add Service
  2. Select the desired plan level, cPanel licensing option, and IP address add-ons for your new VPS

Configure WHM / cPanel

Complete the cPanel setup process using your present domain information (this will allow you to switch to your new VPS by updating your domain name's nameserver IP associations when you are ready to complete the migration)

Migrate and test cPanel Accounts

See the cPanel account migration documentation for instructions to migrate accounts to your new VPS:

URL: http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/WHMDocs/WhmTransfers

You can use the IP addresses assigned to your new VPS to test sites (i.e. http://<ip_address>/~<username>/) to test and confirm that the migrations were successful.

Note: Any settings established outside of cPanel (i.e. software installed using yum from the SSH console) will need to be duplicated manually.

Transition service to new VPS

Once you have confirmed that your new VPS is properly configured and the accounts have been successfully migrated, update your domain's DNS records to direct to the new VPS.

Note: The TTL value (specified in seconds: 86400 is one day, 259200 is three days, etc) set for your domain's records will determine how long clients which have cached your DNS information will continue using the information before requesting it again. You may prepare for changes to your DNS settings by setting a shorter TTL for your domain's records (doing so will result in increased traffic on your DNS server) but, regardless of whether changes are made, you should wait until the timespan specified by the TTL has passed to turn off your old VPS to ensure that visitors with cached DNS information reach a working site.

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