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This guide describes the Control Center's architecture and how to complete common tasks.

See the Domain Management page for instructions to update domain contact information, lock or unlock domains, and retrieve domain EPP keys.

  1. Accessing the Control Center
  2. Service Management
    1. VPS Controls
    2. Reverse DNS
  3. Account Management
  4. Support
    1. Creating a Spry Support Ticket
    2. Reviewing and Responding to Support Tickets

Accessing the Control Center

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your Spry account contact e-mail address and account password

Note: If you are unable to access the control center, try the "Click here to retrieve a lost password" option to reset your account password or contact Spry Billing for assistance with your account.

Service Management

VPS Controls

  1. Select the VPS you would like to manage from the Services panel
  2. Choose from the available controls:
    • Basic:
      • Power Control: Start, stop, or restart
      • Root Password: Set the root password
        This control will restart your VPS if you are on the Xen platform
      • Root SSH Key: Store a public key on your VPS for easy access
        See the Root SSH Key Guide for instructions
      • Hostname: Set the VPS hostname
    • Advanced:
      • Manage - Add a control panel license to your VPS, start/stop/restart your VPS, change your VPS hostname (OpenVZ platform), or change your VPS root password (OpenVZ platform)
      • Console - Establish an SSH session from any Java-enabled web browser or access the Xen hypervisor for your VPS (Xen platform)
      • Upgrade - Upgrade your hosting plan
      • Rebuild - Rebuild your VPS operating system
        Note: This function will destroy any data on your VPS - back up any important data before initiating the rebuild process
      • Cancel - Cancel your VPS subscription
        Note: Cancellation will take effect at the end of your present billing cycle
      • Network Monitoring - Monitor service uptime on your VPS by port

Reverse DNS

Important: Reverse DNS entries map IP addresses associated with your VPS to domains which have A records (forward DNS) that point to your VPS. Reverse DNS entries must have a corresponding forward DNS entry: the A record for your domain must be set to an IP on your VPS and the forward DNS entry must be propagated before reverse DNS may be set.

In most cases, forward DNS record propagation will occur within 24-48 hours.

If you encounter the Error: There are no A records for <domain> that point to <ip>. You must create a matching forward DNS record first. message, you may need to wait additional time for forward DNS record propagation to occur and check your forward DNS records to confirm accuracy.

DNS Tools

Account Management

For all account management needs, please refer to the Knowledge Base


Creating a Spry Support Ticket

  1. Click the Support icon in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the Create a Ticket >> link in the top panel
  3. Select the Ticket Category and click Next
  4. Complete the ticket fields:
    • CC - Specify an alternate e-mail address to receive replies from support (your Spry account contact e-mail will receive replies by default)
    • Subscription - Specify which subscription your ticket concerns
    • Subject - Enter a subject for your ticket
    • Message - Provide as much detail as possible regarding any errors or unexpected behaviors which were encountered; relevant error messages/console output and ping/traceroute results will assist our efforts to provide a speedy resolution

Reviewing and Responding to Support Tickets

  1. Click the Support icon in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the Ticket # for the ticket you would like to review or reply to
  3. Enter your reply in the Ticket Controls text field and click Reopen Ticket to send a reply

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