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Hostname and DNS Setup

  1. The first thing you need to do is to decide what you would like the main domain name to be - in this example we will use example.com
  2. From your Web Host Manager (WHM) administration panel, go to the Basic Configuration panel
  3. Scroll Down to Hostname and enter your hostname. It must be unique, and it can be something that is personal to you, such as homer.example.com, or it could be something utilitarian like server.example.com. The main place that this is used is mail headers.
  4. Now scroll down to Primary Nameserver and enter the name for your first nameserver (example: ns1.example.com)
  5. Enter another name for the Secondary Nameserver (example: ns2.example.com). Note the Assign an IP Address and Add an A entry buttons, but don't click on them yet.
  6. If you would like cPanel to manage the site then you will need to create the account now. You can do this by going to Create an Account under the Account Functions header.
  7. Fill in all of the required information and create it.
  8. Now you will need to go back to the Basic Configuration section
  9. Click on Assign an IP address next to Primary Nameserver first
  10. Now click on Add an A entry
  11. Repeat this process for the secondary nameserver.
  12. Click on Hostname on the side bar, and there should be an option to Add an A entry
  13. You will now need to submit a Reverse DNS request through the server control center. The reverse DNS entry is a check used by large ISPs to prevent spam (your reverse DNS entry should match the name of the domain sending mail)
  14. Click on Customer Login at the top of this page.
  15. Log in with your account contact e-mail address and password then go to Services > Reverse DNS
  16. Enter the name of the domain you will send mail from in the Address field and specify a TTL (3600 by default) then click Update to create the PTR record

You now need to contact your registrar to register the nameservers. You can click on Nameserver IPs in the WHM control panel to see which IP address/nameserver combination to give the registrar. If you are registered with Spry, then you can follow the steps in the Spry billing system guide

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