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How Do I login to Web Host Manager (WHM)?

The login to CPanel use https://$your_IPaddress:2087 for a secure login and replace $your_ipaddress with the main IP address for the server.

Where should I start to setup Web Host Manager (WHM)?

After the first the install, Web Host Manager (WHM) still needs to be setup.

First login to Web Host Manager (WHM) and then follow the Logging on for the first time tutorial at cPanel.net, then proceed with our WHM Basic Configuration Guide.

Why do I receive an "rndc failed" error in cPanel?

If you receive an "error reloading bind on server" or "rndc failed in cPanel", try running this command from SSH:


How do I install RvSKIN

Enter the following via SSH:

mkdir /root/rvadmin
cd /root/rvadmin
wget http://member.rvskin.com/auto_rvskin.tgz
tar -xvzf auto_rvskin.tgz
perl auto_rvskin.pl

Make sure the fingerprint is correct and type 'yes'. If you receive an "invalid license for (your IP address)" message, you need to obtain an RvSkin license. Contact customer support for details.

Enter your password when prompted. Then type 'yes' if you would like to set a cron job to automatically update RvSkin, 'no' otherwise. The installation process will take up to 5 minutes.

To update RvSkin manually, enter the following command:

perl /root/rvadmin/auto_rvskin.pl

To change a user to RvSkin, go to Modify an Account under Account Functions from the WHM main page. Select the user you want to change, click Modify, then choose the new theme and click Save.

If you still have questions, go to http://rvskin.com and click on Installation for further instructions.

How do I use the migrate wizard

To migrate your server to a new set of IP addresses, select IP Functions from the WHM Main Page. Then select IP Migration Wizard. Type the new IPs (one per line) in the box. To bind the new IP addresses, click 'here'.

On the next page, enter the IP address and click Do It. Go back to the Migration Wizard and click Continue to proceed.

What is jailshell

Jailshell is a very limited shell that allows clients to logon to your server via SSH. It limits them to their home directories, keeping the rest of your files on your server from being viewed. Use caution when giving users shell accounts on your server, as it's likely possible to breakout of the jailshell.

You can enable jailshell as the default shell for new and modified accounts by going to Tweak Settings under Server Setup on the WHM main page. Scroll down to "System" and check the box next to "Use jailshell..."

How do I update cPanel/WHM

From the WHM main page, select Server Setup. Then select Update Config. You can choose automatic or manual updates for cPanel/WHM, cPanel packages, and security packages. There are 4 different build types for cPanel/WHM: Edge, Current, Release, and Stable.

We recommend that you run Release or Stable builds unless you have a compelling reason to run something more current. Keep in mind that Edge builds may be unstable.

To update cPanel manually, select cPanel (version number here) from the WHM main page, then Upgrade to Latest Version. The version you update to will depend on the settings you selected above. Select Click to Upgrade to finish.

Why are my nameservers not resolving?

This could mean that your nameservers are not resolving. Try waiting a few minutes and restarting cPanel/WHM.

If you still receive the invalid license error, you may need to restart BIND. If you can access WHM, run DNS/Name Server (BIND) under Restart Services. If not, SSH to your server and enter the following:

service named restart

The line "Starting named:" should indicate [ OK ]. If not, you will need to contact customer support.

Why can't I change my hostname / resolver configuration?

You can change your hostname in WHM by selecting Change Hostname under Server Setup in WHM. However, when your server is restarted, it will revert back to the previous hostname. You need to contact customer support to make these changes permanent.

WHM allows you to edit the /etc/resolv.conf file by selecting Modify Resolver Configuration under Server Setup. You can also edit this file manually via SSH. However, these changes will be erased when you restart your server. You need to contact customer support to make these changes permanent. Be sure to include your new IPs with your request.

Why doesn't Bind recognize new zones?

Occassionally, named will put new zone files in the wrong place. To check this, look at your named.conf file (/etc/named.conf). Look for the following:

    options {
    directory "/var/named";

If instead of "/var/named" you see "/var/named/chroot", you need to fix this. Enter the following at the command line:


How do I install an SSL certificate?

To manage your SSL certificates, select SSL/TLS from the WHM main page. If you have already purchased the certificate, you can install it by clicking on Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain. Make sure to enter the domain, username, and IP address, and click Fetch to retrieve the .key and .crt files on your server.

If the files are not found, you will need to copy and paste them manually. When you are finished, click Do It.

If you need to purchase a certificate, select Purchase & Install SSL certificate from the SSL/TLS screen. Then select the company to buy the certificate from. Complete your demographic information and select the type of certificate you want to purchase. You can view the pricing for different certificates by scrolling down. When you are finished, click Continue.

On the next page, make sure to save the key and csr files to a secure location. You will need these to install your certificate.

How do I recompile apache in WHM?

To recompile apache, select Software, then Update Apache from the WHM main page. Check the options that you want to include, and click Start Build. Note that you should not just check every box, or you will probably end up with a broken configuration. If you do not know which boxes to check, use the default configuration.

It will take a while for apache to rebuild. If you have any problems during this process, you can always return to Update Apache and restart the build. If your new configuration does not work, return to this screen and select Load Previous Config. If all else fails, you can select Reset Apache Config to Default (towards the bottom of the page) and click Start Build.

You may need to recompile any third party modules you have installed after apache is rebuilt.

If you want to remove an apache module, remove it from httpd.conf before restarting apache

Why doesn't APF work?

APF is not supported by all hardware. Check with customer support to make sure that your hardware is compatible.

You may need to edit the /etc/apf/conf.apf file to make APF run properly. Find the line that begins "MONOKERN" and change it to:

    MONOKERN = "1"

then type

service apf start

You may see a series of iptables errors. You can ignore these.

While in development mode, rules will be dumped after about 5 minutes. Keep APF in development mode until you have made all of your changes.

How do I install RPMs in WHM?

From the WHM main page, select Software, then Install a RPM. Select the package you want to install. Check Ignore Dependencies if you want WHM to ignore dependencies that occur during installation, and Force Install if you are reinstalling a package. Click on Install.

Where is _____? (Common file locations)

Here are the locations of some common files on your server:

   Most log files, including mail log, MySQL log: /var/log
   apache logs: /var/log/httpd
   apache configuration files: /etc/httpd/conf
   exim files: /etc, /etc/exim
   apache domain access logs: /usr/local/apache/domlogs
   CGI files: /home/(your username here)/public_html/cgi-bin
   Your site files, including index.html, images, etc: /home/(your username here)/public_html

What is reverse DNS? Why can't I configure my DNS servers?

Reverse DNS transaltes an IP address (***.***.***.***) to a hostname (www.spry.com)

Some mail servers will not accept mail with no reverse DNS

Your web host (or whoever supplies your IP addresses) will need set up your reverse DNS entries on their DNS servers.

If you prefer to use your own DNS servers, you will need to contact customer support so they can delegate authority for you to do so.

Note that it is not enough to have a reverse DNS entry listed in your DNS server. You must also contact your web host to set up reverse DNS on their end.

Why do I have service failures on my service status page?

If you have services that you know are running, but appear to fail on the service status page, you may need to restart chkservd. SSH to your server and type the following:

service chkservd restart

How to enable/disable SpamAssassin in WHM?

installspam is a predefined script in /scripts to install SpamAssassin

To enable SpamAssassin, go to Tweak Settings under Server Setup in WHM. Check the box next to SpamAssassin to enable it. Uncheck the box to disable.

You can disable spamd, the SpamAssassin server, using the Service Manager under Service Configuration. If you disable spamd, you should also disable SpamAssassin in Tweak Settings.

Why do I receive a "maximum connections exceeded" or "unable to connect" error when I try to retrieve my mail?

There is an option in WHM to limit the connections from each host to the POP3 server. To disable this, go to Tweak Settings under Server Setup in WHM. Uncheck the box next to Attempt to prevent pop3 connection floods.

What is ionCube / SourceGuardian?

SourceGuardian and ionCube are PHP loaders designed to prevent unauthorized use of your PHP scripts.

You can select the default loader for cPanel PHP under Tweak Settings from the WHM main page.

Older releases of Fantastico may have problems with SourceGuardian "ixed" errors. Newer releases use ionCube loaders, so that your choice of loaders in WHM should not affect Fantastico installations.

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